Salt Lake Chapter of DSA Announces New Name


Coordinating Committee of DSSL

24 November 2019

The rational for changing the chapters name to Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake.
Diego Rivera's mural: The Great City of Tenochitlan

The Salt Lake Chapter of the  Democratic Socialists of America voted to change our organization’s name to Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake, removing “America” in acknowledgement of the USA's status as a settler colony nation. This change was voted on and approved during the October general meeting. This decision is meant to recogize the history of the United States of America as a settler-colonial nation, and the United States Government as one of the most powerful forces upholding a global racialized capitalist system. We decided to formally disassociate our chapter from this violent legacy and show our solidarity to the international socialist traditions by removing the ‘America’ from our chapter.

This decision isn't meant to change our status as a chapter of the national organization of the Democratic Socialists of America. Nor does it change the URL of our website. 


Coordinating Committee of DSSL