DSSL Resolution: Support for Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Girls, and LGBTQ2S+ Task Force


Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake

27 February 2020

DSSL supports Utah H.B. 116

WHEREAS, the chapter believes in “a social order based on popular control of resources and production, economic planning, equitable distribution, gender and racial equality, and non-oppressive relationships”;

WHEREAS, committing to said social order requires acknowledging settler colonialism, bigotry, racism, and patriarchy and how they interact through political and economic systems leading to murdered and missing Indigenous women, girls, and LGBTQ2S+ people;

WHEREAS, we recognize Two-Spirit as a valid and unique identity;

WHEREAS, a 2018 Urban Indian Health Institute study found Utah to have the eighth highest number of murdered and missing Indigenous women in the United States, with Salt Lake City being the 9th highest city in the country;

WHEREAS, Utah and SLC law enforcement has continually covered up and ignored the scale of these cases and obstructed activists regarding the cases;

WHEREAS, Utah’s 2020 General Session is considering H.B. 116 (“Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Girls, and LGBTQ+ Task Force”), which would create a task force to, among other responsibilities, “identify the systemic causes behind violence that indigenous women, girls, and LGBTQ+ experience, including patterns and underlying factors that explain why disproportionately high levels of violence occur against indigenous women, girls, and LGBTQ+, including underlying historical, social, economic, institutional, and cultural factors that may contribute to the violence”;

WHEREAS, the Utah Legislature’s House has ratified H.B. 116, with 45 Yeas, 24 Nays, and 6 Absent/No-Votes;

WHEREAS, the margin that H.B. 116 passed was smaller than lobbyists and activists supporting the measure anticipated;

WHEREAS, Utah’s Senate must now pass the bill, which will face opposition;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake supports H.B. 116, commits to supporting activists and organizers who wish to educate the public or implement direct action and protests against the problem of murdered and missing Indigenous women, girls, and LGBTQ2S+ people, and promises to incorporate Indigenous studies and experiences into its initiatives and programs;

FURTHERMORE, BE IT RESOLVED, DSSL requires the Communications Committee to both (a) send a press release pertaining to this resolution (b) use emails and social media platforms to inform the chapter’s membership and followers about H.B. 116 and request their support.


DSSL is a local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America