Graphic Design Workshop Jan 3-4

DSA Graphic Design Workshop Agenda

 ZOOM LINK for Jan 3rd:

 ZOOM LINK for Jan 4th:  

In the chat please introduce yourself, pronouns, what skill level and what software you use. If you could please turn on your cameras Thanks! 

Feel free to type questions in the chat- we will have someone answering questions along with the presentation and demonstrations!

Day 1  Sunday Jan 3rd 6:30-9pm MST

Introduction 5 mins

What is Graphic Design 15 mins

Ten Graphic Design that will improve your designs Tips  25 mins

Design Project I Instagram post 45 minutes 

(Gimp/Photoshop, Free Templates. RGB color space, pixel perfect file formats, working with type. Instagram engagement tips) 

This exercise is about quickly making eye catching infographics with text.

 Break # 1 10mins reconvene around 8pm MST

Design ethics and Fair Use 10 Mins

Design Project II Print Poster 45 mins

 ( Photoshop,Indesign,  DPI, CMYK color space, Print file formats, Working with images)This exercise will focus on making print posters that communicate messages from afar.

Q&A  10 mins

Closing Day 1

(optional) Overview of Day 2 content for those who can not make it. 15 mins

 Day 2  Monday Jan 4th 6:30-9pm MST

 Introduction 5 mins

 How to brainstorm, work collaboratively, and think creatively 15 mins

 Printing things on a budget.  10  mins 

Design Project III  Using Design a projector to make a giant banner (30 minutes)

(Gimp/Indesign, Tile Printing, Projection tracing, Screen Printing overview)

Question and Answers/ Help and advice on your own work! 30 mins

 Break #3 10 mins

 Design Project IV Memes, Image Macros, GIFS 40 mins

(Gimp/Photoshop, Animation)

 Closing notes.

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