Campaign Endorsement Process

The Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake are committed to achieving a socialist future through the democratic process. Our chapter mobilizes members to support candidates and campaigns that advance the platform of the DSA. If you represent a candidate or a campaign that supports our mission, you may follow the process below to receive our endorsement:

  • 1. A representative of the candidate or campaign fills out the questionnaire notifying the chapter of their interest in our endorsement.

  • 2. The Electoral Committee or Coordinating Committee meets to determine if the candidate or campaign has shown sufficient interest in the advancement of our mission.

  • 3. Should half of the quorum vote to advance the process, the Co-Chairs will reach out to the point of contact to schedule a question and answer session over Zoom with the chapter.

  • 4. When a date and time has been agreed upon, the we will post to our social media accounts that a Q&A with a candidate or campaign will be occurring. The session will be facilitated by the Co-Chairs of the committee who determined eligibility in step 2 and recorded to provide to members who could not attend.

  • 5. At the next general meeting of the chapter, the committee that oversaw the process will provide their final endorsement recommendation to the chapter. An electronic ballot will be provided to chapter members asking whether to offer our endorsement. The responses to the questionnaire in step 1 and the recording of the question and answer session in step 4 will be provided with this ballot. Voting will proceed through the next Saturday at midnight.

  • 6. By 6 PM on Sunday following the vote, the designated point of contact will be informed of the result of the vote. Should the chapter vote in favor of endorsement, the chapter will post its endorsement to all social media channels that same day.

  • 7. The Co-Chairs of the committee that facilitated the process will get in touch with the point of contact to see how the chapter might help the campaign going forward. If the candidate or campaign is seeking the endorsement of the national DSA, they will also work to verify chapter membership of the candidate or point of contact for the campaign before applying with the National Electoral Committee.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please reach out to us at