National Convention 2023

DSA National Convention 2023

The Democratic Socialists of America is hosting their national convention in Chicago, Illinois on August 4th through the 6th. Each chapter of the DSA is allotted a certain number of delegates and alternates to participate in the convention. The Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake are excited to have the opportunity to send six delegates and one alternate to Chicago.

There is no hybrid option to attend the convention online and the Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake are seeking assistance to send our delegates to Chicago to be part of the national conversation.

What happens at a Convention?

During the DSA’s National Convention, delegates from across the DSA travel to discuss the current state of the DSA and vote on resolutions to guide the organization until the following convention. Delegates to the convention will vote to decide the following:

  • Bylaw changes to the National DSA.
  • Resolutions to adjust the workings of the DSA and its priorities.
  • Changes to the Platform the DSA seeks to promote.
  • Members of the National Political Committee that makes decisions on behalf of the DSA between conventions.

For a list of the bylaw changes and resolutions being considered at the national convention, click here. For a list of amendments to those proposals being considered, click here.

What expenses will delegates face?

As the National Convention has yet to introduce a hybrid option to attend online, delegates will need to be in Chicago for the duration of the convention. This has resulted in some expenses the chapter is hoping to alleviate for delegates in order to ensure our delegation is supported. Some examples of expenses that our delegates will face are:

  • Transportation and lodging
  • Meals
  • Registration fees for the convention

While meals and the registration fees are relatively affordable expenses, travel and lodging adds up quickly for our delegates.

How can I support the chapter at Convention?

Our chapter is hoping to fund our delegates’ travel to Chicago so any delegate in the future will feel it is within their ability to go regardless of their situation. This requires us to raise funds to provide that for them. If you are interested in supporting the chapter in sending delegates to the National Convention, you can support us with any of the following methods:

  • Sign up for Chapter Dues to provide ongoing support to the chapter.
  • Switch your National Membership to Monthly Dues since Annual Dues go entirely to the national DSA. If you are currently paying annual dues, select “renewal” under “Is this a new membership or a renewal?” to swap your payment plan.
  • Attend our In-Person Events where we will be selling merchandise and passing the hat to support our delegates.
  • Donate to the chapter via Venmo. and put “convention fund” for reason