Committees and Working Groups

Work for the Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake is organized by the individual committees and working groups that oversee them. If you are interested in being involved in a committee or working group, attend one of the committee meetings or reach out to us via email with any questions.

For information on how committees and working groups are structured, please see our bylaws.

Coordinating Committee

The leadership committee of the Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake, the Coordinating Committee makes decisions on the direction, structure and finances of the organization. It is collectively led by a nine member committee elected by the general membership at our convention each May.

The Coordinating Committee meets every other week on Tuesdays at 8 PM.

Political Education Committee

The committee that helps lead activities to inform membership and the public of the ideals of socialism and the platform of the DSA. They currently organize the book club which is open to all members and the general public.

The Political Education Committee meets every other Tuesday at 8 PM alternating with the Coordinating Committee meetings for book club.

Labor Working Group

The working group that organizes all activities in support of organized labor organizations throughout Utah. The Labor Working Group is currently working to support the chapter’s Strike Ready Pledge to support the UPS Teamster’s organizing to support their demands for a new contract prior to its expiration at the end of July 2023. They are also working to support the DSA’s Solidarity is Brewing campaign in support of Starbucks Workers United efforts in Utah.

Electoral Working Group

The working group to organize the chapter’s political campaigning work, the Electoral Working Group works to advance the DSSL’s platform and promote candidates aligned with our values. Activities they participate in includes candidate recruitment and endorsement, neighborhood canvassing, phone and text banking, signature gathering, developing the chapter’s voter recommendation guide and more.

The Electoral Working Group meets as needed at the direction of the Co-Chairs of the working group or of the Coordinating Committee in odd numbered years, monthly in even numbered years and every other week during presidential election years.

Weber Working Group

Passed at our recent May convention were resolutions creating working groups to expand the reach of the Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake beyond the Salt Lake Valley. The Weber Working Group welcomes to all members who wish to be involved with the DSA and organize with members from the northern Wasatch Front region. Currently the working group works to support the YDSA chapter at Weber State University.

Utah Valley Working Group

Created alongside the Weber Working Group, the Utah Valley Working Group works to organize DSA members along the southern Wasatch Front region. The Utah Valley Working Group is currently working to revive the YDSA Chapter at Utah Valley University and creating a YDSA Chapter at Brigham Young University.

Technology Working Group

While not a true committee according to our bylaws, the Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake currently manage our online presence via a small but dedicated team consisting of the Co-Chairs of the Coordinating Committee as well as all volunteer Technology Coordinators appointed by the Coordinating Committee. The Technology Working Group’s current projects are stewardship of the chapter’s WordPress site and enhancing the chapter’s Slackbot capabilities.

To be involved with the Technology Working Group, please reach out via email.