Harassment and Grievance Policy

DSSL is committed to building an inclusive organization that is open to all. DSSL is proudly in compliance with resolution 33 of the national DSA charter. Resolution 33 defines harassment and gives members and chapters a process to follow to resolve conflict and prevent harassment. Please read DSA resolution 33 so you are familiar with the harassment process. View Harassment Policy (Resolution 33)

DSSL is in full compliance of resolution 33 and will follow its procedures to the letter. If you feel as though you have been subjected to inappropriate behavior or harassment, please do not hesitate to fill out the official DSSL Harassment and Grievance Form. This form is only accessible by the two active chapter Harassment & Grievance Officers (HGO’s) and any information shared on this form will be secure and only disclosed with your written consent. This form starts the grievance process described in resolution 33.

If you need to file a grievance:

DSSL Chapter Grievance Form

If you have concerns that the HGO’s can not be impartial or they were involved in the harassment, you may always contact the national HGO to carry out the grievance. Contact National HGOs