About Us

We are Salt Lake DSA. An official Utah-based chapter of the national Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Our chapter of the DSA was incorporated on June 20th of 2017. We are member funded non profit that strives to connect working class people all across Utah. The DSA is a space for socialists and other “Left” identifying people to organize where they live and work. At the DSA, we are striving to build a more equitable society in the Salt Lake area and Utah as a whole.

As socialists, we believe that the working class can build a more equitable society where social and economic decisions are made by those whom they most affect. Democratic socialists do not want to create an all-powerful government bureaucracy. But we do not want big corporate bureaucracies to control our society either.

The Salt Lake chapter is made up of working-class Utahns. We are teachers, warehouse workers, writers, electricians, tech support workers, artists, students, parents, and neighbors! We have joined together in the belief that a better world is possible and we work towards bettering ourselves and our communities everyday.

What we do

Salt Lake DSA has been organizing in Utah since 2017. Our goals are to unite working-class people across the state so we have the power and skills to demand change and build more equitable communities. We are always striving to meet members of our community where they are and aid everyone in their organizing goals and needs.

We meet many times over the month to set goals and track progress. Any member can contribute to and work on projects or actions as well as internal Salt Lake DSA business. Our organization is coordinated by democratically elected committee members who serve to maintain internal logistics. All business and projects are decided on through voting by all members at official meetings that are open to the public. Whatever your skills are there is a place for you in the Salt Lake DSA!