The Salt Lake DSA is open to all in Utah! Our chapter is funded by monthly national and local membership dues that are on a sliding scale. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

How do I join?

  1. Pay dues at the National DSA site.
    • REQUIRED: All members pay dues to perform actions such as voting or running for DSA leadership positions. However, anybody can attend and engage in our events!
      • If you have the means, choose the monthly dues option to ensure you’ll stay in good standing.
      • If you are experiencing financial hardship, DSA is offering dues waivers.
    • OPTIONAL:¬†Also sign up for local chapter dues.
      • Currently, national keeps 80% of your dues while your local chapter only gets 20%.
      • 100% of your local dues go directly back into the chapter!
      • Example: With a budget of $10/month, you can pay $2/month in national dues and $8/month in local chapter dues.
      • You can also make one-time donations to the chapter.
  2. Read over the New Member Guide.
  3. Download Zoom and make an account with the email you paid national dues with.
  4. Send us an email of a screenshot of the confirmation email that you’re a dues-paying member once you’re at this step to get invited to our Slack or if you’re experiencing any issues.

See you in the Slack!