Salt Lake DSA Endorses Michael Valentine for Salt Lake City Mayor

Salt Lake DSA is proud to announce our endorsement of chapter member and mayoral candidate Michael Valentine for the role of Salt Lake City mayor, with 88.5% of voting members voting in favor of endorsement. We strongly encourage our members and supporters living in Salt Lake City to rank Michael Valentine as their #1 choiceContinue reading “Salt Lake DSA Endorses Michael Valentine for Salt Lake City Mayor”

DSSL 2022-23 Year in Review

Updated on 4/20/2023 at 12:03pm Our chapter’s annual convention is less than two weeks away, and with that comes the beginning of a new year in the DSSL. It feels like society has been crumbling before our very eyes the past 12 months, but DSSL has stood strong in the face of capitalist oppression inContinue reading “DSSL 2022-23 Year in Review”

Graphic Design Workshop Jan 3-4

DSA Graphic Design Workshop Agenda  ZOOM LINK for Jan 3rd:  ZOOM LINK for Jan 4th:   In the chat please introduce yourself, pronouns, what skill level and what software you use. If you could please turn on your cameras Thanks!  Feel free to type questions in the chat- we will have someone answering questionsContinue reading “Graphic Design Workshop Jan 3-4”

All About Socialism (In Progress)

Many new members are just getting their start in socialist philosophy. For them, we aim for all of our members to understand socialism and feel comfortable talking about it with their friends. Here are some resources for that:What is Democratic Socialism?ABC’s of SocialismFundamentals of MarxismAn Anarchist FAQ We know that not everyone is keen onContinue reading “All About Socialism (In Progress)”